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Moringa Seeds

Moringa oleifera is one of the few fascinating plant ever found in the world. Every part of the Moringa oleifera plant is used in variety of fields including cosmetics, food, medicine, dye, water purification, agriculture, livestock forage, vegetable and many more industries. Due to Moringa oleifera easy adaptation to various ecosystem and farm systems, it holds a unique and consistent position in the international market. Moringa oleifera is a softwood tree, native to India. Moringa oleifera is known as drought resistant and grows well even in infertile soil.

We export moringa seeds for small to large scale cultivation of leaves, fruit (drumstick vegetable), fodder (forage) and moringa oil production

Moringa oleifera seeds are mostly generated each year in the semiarid, tropical, and subtropical areas. India is one of the major producer and exporter of moringa oleifera seeds with an annual manufacture of 1.1 to 1.3 million tones of tender moringa fruits. Moringa oleifera seeds grows well in dry and sandy soil. Moringa oleifera is fast growing, drought-resistant.

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Moringa oleifera tree called in many names around the world such as,

  • Drumstick tree
  • Horseradish tree
  • Tree of Life
  • Ben oil tree
Moringa seeds physical description:

Moringa oleifera seeds are round with a brownish semi-permeable seed hull. Moringa oleifera seeds have three papery wings. Moringa seed hulls are usually brown to black in color, but it can be white if kernels are of low sustainability. Quality moringa seeds germinate within two weeks. Moringa tree hull itself has three white wings that run from top to bottom at 120° intervals.

The average weight of each moringa seed is approximately 0.3 g and the kernel to hull ratio is usually 75:25.

Scientific Classification (Moringa Oleifera) Kingdom :

Plantae Division : Magnoliophyta
Class : Magnoliopsida
Order : Violes
Family : Moringaceae
Genus : Moringa
Species : Oleifera Family
Ayurvedic : Shobhanjan kul

Moringa Seeds Usage:

Moringa oleifera tree is fast-growing tree. Moringa oleifera tree is cultivated mainly for human food, medicine, dye, fodder, water clarification and many more purposes. Moringa seeds have used for moringa oil extraction. Harvested moringa seeds are quickly processed for moringa oil production. In generally moringa fresh, soft seeds are broken into small pieces and boiled with pure water, and then moringa seeds are compressed to extract oil from moringa seeds. Seeds that are cold-pressed can produce up to 40% oil by weight.

Growing Moringa Seeds

Moringa oleifera tree is now well known around the world. So many people are more interested in moringa cultivation. Tropical countries environment are suitable for moringa seeds growth. Moringa oleifera seeds need a lot of sunlight, not much of water to germinate. Before plating moringa seeds, they need to be soaked initially in water for about 12-24 hours. This soaking process will help seeds to absorb the moisture needed for sprouting then soaked seeds wrapped in a wet cloth. This moringa seed wrapped cloth will be stored in warm, dark place while wrapped cloth need to be damp to avoid seeds dry out. This wrapped cloth will be kept in moist until moringa seeds start to germinate. This will go on until moringa seeds sprout. Once we found moringa sprout, we will plant them in a suitable soil and plated area must be kept moist. The moringa seeds will grow it own in new places quickly.

Harvesting Moringa oleifera Plant

Moringa oleifera tree is drought-resistant, and fast growing tree. Moringa trees most of parts are edible. Moringa plant usually harvested in every 60 days under ideal condition. Moringa tree usually grows up to 15 m in height but usually less than 10 m tall. Moringa oleifera has a large underground rootstock and normally a single main trunk with a wide, open and typically umbrella-shaped crown. The moringa trunk is generally 10–45 cm wide and covered in a pale-grey bark, but may occasionally reach up to 60 cm in diameter.

Our prestigious customers:

AGF has earned large customer base throughout the world, particularly in the following countries Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Belgium, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Srilanka, UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Guadeloupe, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Costa Rica, Germany, Senegal, Cambodia, Ghana, Italy, Ethiopia, South Korea, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam, Venezuela, Canada, Iran, Netherlands, Pakistan, Ivory coast, Nepal, India…


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